MMS 2017 Summer Camp is here!

MMS 2017 Summer Camp is here!

Summer Camp 2017


During the summer, we will be hosting Summer FUNtastic activities for the children to explore, while still providing the Montessori experience. Each day we will have a Montessori work period for children to learn using the Montessori materials. This will help them practice all the skills they have learned and provide them with the opportunity to learn new elements, which will be beneficial when they return to the classroom in September. In order for the children to enjoy their summer, there will be a theme each week for our FUNtastic activities such as sports, music, science and cooking. We will also be inviting special guests to host some of our activities to further enhance their experience. Our Summer FUNtastic camp will provide a place where the children explore!


 July 4 – 7 Week 1: Sports

Exercise! Exercise! The children will be doing a lot of stretching, jumping, balancing, and a variety of movement everyday guided by the teachers and coaches. There will also be games for the children to play to learn and try different types of sports. They will work all their big and small muscles, aiding them to build their coordination skills, and control of their body and confidence.

July 10 – 14 Week 2: Language

This is going to be an exciting week as we will be exploring and learning different languages each day. We will be learning and practicing words and simple phrases and even doing some activities to help retain what we have learned that day. Some of the Languages we will be learning are Spanish, Italian, French, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

July 17 – 21 Week 3: Music

The children will be guided to use their body to interpret music, images, and more. Also, they will be on their mats to explore the sights and sounds through yoga.

July 24 – 28 Week 4: Science

Taking chances! Making mistakes!! This week the children will be fascinated with everything they see and touch using science. There will be a variety of experiments waiting to be explored by our little hands and see what the outcome would be.

July 31 – August 4 Week 5: Baking

Cutting! Rolling! Smashing! Never underestimate what their little hands could do! This week we will explore through cooking and to make a little something guided by a special chef whom will be visiting our school. Not only that, we will also be visiting a restaurant and have a tour visiting their kitchen and experience ordering food for lunch with their peers.

August 8 – 11 Week 6: Community Professionals

We see doctors and we know who firemen are, but do we know what exactly they are doing for the community? We have invited special guests to talk to us about what their daily routine and also to do an activity with the children so they will have a better idea how these professionals help us and the community. Aside from the children gaining further knowledge on the types of community professionals are out there helping us, the children also get a chance to go out to the community to help someone this time! They will be visiting a retirement home to do a mini activity with the elderly, and experience first-hand on how to offer a helping hand.

August 14 – 18 Week 7: Animals

It is always a great experience for the children to see, feel, and learn about all kinds of animals that are out there but are not commonly seen. There will be something soft, something hard, or something pointy that the children will be greeting this week.

August 21 – 25 Week 8: Arts

After taking in their experience from music, sports, science and seeing uncommon animals, it’s now time to express their creativity of the mind! Arts have no limits and no right or wrong. The children will learn to use a variety of art tools and their creative minds to construct an art piece, and draw pictures in groups. To support the future events and fundraising activities at Mastermind Montessori School, their artwork will be on display at the end of the week.


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