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Fitness Program

At MMSA, we strive to provide the best, well rounded, quality education to our children. In addition to the traditional Montessori curriculum, we offer enhancement programs  to broaden the student’s learning experience. All in-class enhancement programs are included in our program fee.

Calmunity Yoga

Calmunity Yoga Calmunity yoga isn’t all meditating and Om’s! It is the utilization of  songs and games to guide  children through the practice of yoga in a  playful and exciting way.! We have our moments of fun, and our moments of calm, and as these two aspects blend, children begin to discover the peace in play, and the play in peace!




Gymalaya is a recreational gymnastics class, which introduces to the children the joy of real gymnastics through innovative games, activities and circuits. This structured program concentrates on teaching gymnastics skills in a fun and encouraging setting. The kid size proportions of the equipment help motivate the children, enhance their performance and increase safety.

The Children in the Pre-Casa and Casa class will go to Gymalaya alternating Wednesdays from January to March.