" Inspire. Educate. Empower. "

About Us


Since 2010, Mastermind Montessori Schools (MMS) has been consistently providing a safe and clean school environment for young children. MMS was founded on warm, loving relationships between our students, our parents, our teachers and our staff members.

Inspire. Educate. Empower.

Mastermind Montessori School, Aurora (MMSA) students enjoy an educational experience that fosters the values of honesty, cooperation, empathy, compassion, self-respect and mutual respect, and encourages a child to develop a life-long love of learning.

We foster the children’s exploration, play and inquiry by having fully-equipped Montessori learning environments (classrooms) in which developmental activities are age-appropriate for the children.  There are activities to assist the children in becoming independent or able to assist others in the care of oneself.  Care of the environment and care of others (Grace and Courtesy); activities to explore and refine all the senses, as well as, discover sequencing and order; activities to increase vocabulary, encourage discussion, explore sounds and begin to develop the process of writing and reading can be found in all classrooms.

Activities are available to develop number sense, numeracy, and understanding of large quantities, the mathematical operations, geometry and even rudimentary algebra concepts can also be found.  Students will also find many activities that help them understand the world around them.  Many of these materials are self-correcting, encouraging independence and a feeling of self-worth and success.  In addition, each classroom has activities for cutting, colouring, painting, exploring colour, shape and texture, pasting as a means to encourage the child’s freedom of expression.  Children become aware of their environment, which allows them to freely choose and return materials independently.  Each classroom is well equipped with Montessori materials and activities, and is led by qualified Montessori teachers that ensure the fostering of the child’s exploration, play and inquiry.

All staff and teachers are trained to follow the child in an environment which promotes child initiated and adult-supported experiences by introducing materials to the child by an adult or another child.  Teachers observe the children to recognize and support their further development.  They are very cognizant of the child, allowing them to initiate their own activities, as this often results in the child being deeply engaged and peaceful in what they are doing.  All teachers are constantly aware and consistently find the appropriate moment to introduce the child to a new activity. By doing so, the child will master skills and concepts through repetition, all the while being gently challenged.

MMSA strives to create an environment where your child has the freedom to develop as a well-rounded individual, with every opportunity to fulfill their utmost potential. Supported by one-on-one guidance from our highly-qualified teachers, students work both independently and in small groups with other children.

You did such an amazing job keeping everything well organized. Your patience and care makes Leah want to go to MMSA every morning and she always comes home happy. We really appreciate all your hard work. I will definitely recommend MMSA to everybody!

– Linda Lin