Testimonials – 2014-2015 School Year

Letters from our parents of 2014-2015 school year

To Whom It May Concern:

Moving into a new neighbourhood, we were worried about finding a school where our son, Andrew, would be loved and feel safe. After doing some research, we discovered Mastermind Montessori School where Andrew started attending when he was about sixteen months old. He is now five and enjoys going to school every single day.

If someone were to ask our opinion about Mastermind, it will be as follows: The staff are warm, organized and committed and provide a safe place for parents to leave their children and have a peace of mind while at work.

The most essential aspect of Mastermind Montessori School to us is staff dedication and open line of communication with parents. They are also positive and treat everyone with respect. Finally, they look at each child as an individual with his/her own strengths and needs. Andrew is very fortunate to have teachers who are patient and understand his strengths and daily challenges at school and handle him with care.

We are very grateful for the love, care, and guidance Andrew receives each day at school. Thank you very much Mastermind Montessori!

Angelina and Collins

May 20, 2015

Dear Mastermind Montessori,

It was a few months ago that my son, Andrew, started at Mastermind Montessori. Andrew was only 20 months old when he started the toddler class in January of this year. I was hesitant about starting him in school at such a young age, but I now only regret not starting him earlier. Andrew was a shy, timid boy when he started Mastermind Montessori and I have watched him grow into this confident little boy who always tries to do things on his own.

From the first week of school, Andrew has loved joining the toddler class. He is so excited to enter the classroom in the mornings and always happy when we pick him up. Ms. Veronica and the teachers in the Toddler 1 class are so welcoming each day. They have created a warm and inviting environment where children love to learn. Ms. Veronica is very attentive to each child and their parent’s needs. When Andrew first started, she instantly knew I was worried about how Andrew would adjust and kept me updated throughout the day. Ms. Veronica was so thoughtful to rest assure that my son was doing well during his first week at Mastermind. Whenever I come to do drop-off or pick-up, she is always available and eager to give me updates. She is truly invested in the well-being of each child and I cannot be more pleased to have her as Andrew first teacher at Mastermind.

I was confident Andrew was going to an amazing school since my older son used to attend Mastermind Montessori but I was surprised to see how well and quickly Andrew adjusted in the Toddler class. I have to thank Ms. Veronica and the other teachers for helping Andrew adapt so well and for providing such a caring environment where Andrew feels comfortable to grow and explore each day. I could not have picked a better class for Andrew and I am confident that he is receiving the best care at Mastermind.

Thank you for all your dedication and hard work!!

Virginia Jang