Testimonials – 2010-2011 School Year

Letters from our parents of 2010-2011 school year

Dear Loving Parents,

The 2010-2011 school year is coming to an end soon. We felt that putting our daughter Jasmine in Mastermind was one of the best discussions we’ve ever made. As with all children, Jasmine had some rough times when she first started trying to adjust to her new school routine, but it was not long when she started to love going to school and even asking for it during weekends.

We find Mastermind Montessori truly has a big heart for their students. Our daughter is in the toddler’s room and their teachers Mrs. Connie, Mrs. Vanessa and Mrs. Chantel are AMAZING!!! They have so much patience and enthusiasm with children. We remember my daughter was having such a hard time getting toilet trained especially when taking her naps. She was wetting herself during the afternoon nap for the first 3 to 4 weeks. We asked Mrs. Connie, why she didn’t just put on her diaper during nap time so it would save her the trouble from cleaning up our daughter and her bed every day. She insisted no and she didn’t mind the additional work since this was part of the learning process for my daughter. Long and behold, my daughter is fully toilet trained now and she never wets her pants during naptimes.

The school is always clean (which un my opinion is one of the most important factors in choosing a school), and we appreciate that their facilities are very new and more than enough to suit the needs of their small class size. Mastermind Montessori also offers many different creative activities to stimulate learning. Our daughter had an amazing time during her first field trips, and in school activities such as dress-up days, special art event ( Messy Hands, foot painting Day ect.), and of course the small animal day where she got to touch a rabbit and snake.

The school always keeps the parents informed of what is going on and the progress of your children. We have emailed the school on several occasions and the school principal was always very quick to respond to my emails and address our concerns. We were very impresses during the last open house when we met with the school director, Mr. Kevin. We can see he has put much heart and effort in the school to make it the second home for the children. He will be creating a new Pre-Casa class which caters for the children from 2.5-3.5 years old this coming autumn. We think this is a wonderful idea since we have always questioned how well the class can function in the casa room with such a big age variation from 3 to 6. We had a ling chat with Mr. Kevin. Mr. Kevin had been hearing the parent’s concerns and suggestions first hand and iam seeing they are implementing changes and improvements from the parent’s feedback. In addition, they have put so much thought in the new curriculum (e.g student portfolio’s languages and music class’s) which is too much for me to share in this recommendation letter.

We were also extremely touched at the yearend party we attended last week. The teachers had all the children together to perform and they even hired a DJ & MC to play music and dance with the children. We all had such a wonderful time at the party. We also received a DVD video with all our daughters photos, and a beautiful photo frame of the whole toddler class. A very personal touch indeed in capturing the special moments of our daughter’s school life. We have heard schools charging parents for every little thing, or asking for donations at all times. From their acts and thoughtfulness, we truly feel that the school treasures our little ones as much as us parents treasures our little ones as much as us parents treasure them.

This school has a big heart. Mastermind, we thank you for all you have done for us and we aee looking forward so much for the next school year!

With love,
Anita & Gary

To Mastermind Montessori,

Many thanks to the Toddler teachers, especially to Mrs. Connie and Mrs. Vanessa. My little Adrian has been in the toddler class since April this year. He has been adapting so well and quickly with the nurturing from his teachers. During these 2 months, I could see that he totally devoted to his class and enjoys his school life with his little friends. I have seen a lot of hugs and smiles in the class.

The teachers have always showed their patience not only to the children but also to the parents. I was always kept updated about my child. I was told about what he had learnt and how he had behaved in school during the day. I also notice that this team had prepared a lot for the children behind the scene, such as the crafts, the gifts, the in-class activities with special theme, the home use CD, the class album, the year end celebration, ect.

I was amazed on how much little Adrian had learnt in just 2 months. He could recognize the colours and shapes in a short period of time. Again, thanks to the teacher’s great effort.

What makes me love this class is the attitude of the teachers, particularly Mrs. Connie, she is always positive and energetic. Every morning, my son was welcomed by the big smile of his teachers. The warm and cozy atmosphere is priceless. Please keep this up and let the toddlers sense the happiness!

I really appreciate all the efforts made from his team and I am looking forward to the new school term staring this Fall.

Mother of Adrian

To Mastermind Montessori

Sending our two year old daughter to a good daycare was an important decision to my husband and me. We are so glad that we made the right decision in sending our little girl to Mastermind Montessori School. The school provided our child with a safe and enjoyable learning environment. The friendly and knowledgeable teachers not only helped our child develop core skills, but through encouragement they also helped her gain independence and confidence which we felt were important characters strengths and improve on her weaknesses. We appreciated the feedback on her daily accomplishments and challenges.

Our daughter enjoys her activities at school and often comes home singing songs and showing off her master art work. As parents, there is nothing more important to us than seeing our little girl being so happy. We are so thankful that Mastermind Montessori School fosters this positive educational environment. We highly recommend the school to any persons.

Emily Chan