Testimonials – 2011-2012 School Year

Letters from our parents of 2011-2012 school year

June 25, 2012

To whom it may concern,

Education is one of the most important aspects in our children lives. It helps shape them as individual and set them on a path of discovery. As parents, we look for the best learning environment for our children. Mastermind Montessori school provides a welcoming environment for children to learn at their independent pace.

Our son started at Mastermind Montessori just before turning 3 years old. He was a shy timid boy who didn’t know what to expect. He was very quiet and reserved at the beginning but as the school year progressed he has blossomed into this outgoing and independent boy who is always very curious and eager to learn. My son really enjoyed the biweekly excursions to Gymbalaya which helped improve his self-confidence. This is just one of the many examples where Mastermind goes above and beyond to provide a fun learning environment.

The teachers at Mastermind Montessori are devoted to providing the finest learning experience for your child and bringing out the best in them. Not only are the attentive to your child’s needs but the parent’s needs as well. As parents, we look to see what the school can offer a child. Mastermind Montessori School, the environment is always warm and inviting. My son’s experience has been absolutely exceptional and I am so grateful to the teachers and staff for all their hard work.

Virginia and Peter Jang

This is our son’s second year in the Casa Room. He has flourished academically and gained a better understanding of “community”. Through social skill development, school excursions, guest speakers, cultural week, and family connections, his sense of community is blooming.

We witnessed the child-led teaching method with our son and it is exciting to see him lead his own education. Last year his interest was practical life skills and often he came home eager to sweep the floor or fold clothes. This year the sensory area is a favourite and we find him tracing letters at home. Not only has our son grown academically, but also socially. In this mixed age classroom, the older students are great role models. His curiosity to learn new things is sparked by seeing what the older students are working on. The Casa teachers, Mrs. Michelle, Mrs. Bella and Miss Vivian encourage an environment where helping, tolerance and courtesy are important values that extend to friendship building. The class learned about helping the community with the collection of food and delivering the donations with the teachers. This year, the Casa classroom attended Gymalaya where they had fun while learning basic gymnastic skills. A school trip to Forsythe Family Farm included the Toddler and Pre-casa rooms. Guest speakers like a police officer, dentist and dental hygienist gave the students the opportunity to interact with community helpers. Also, during cultural week the class sampled foods like nachos & dip and maki rice rolls. The sense of community also includes the parents/guardians. Weekly homework assignments help the parents/guardians stay abreast to what the students are learning. Also, the channel of communication with the teachers and school director is always open.

Since his birth, our son’s sense of community consisted mainly of his family. Now through his interactions with peers, teachers and the greater community, he has a better sense of the “community as a whole”, and that the world is a lot bigger than he originally imagined.

Myrtle & Desmond

June 20, 2012

To whom it may concern:
Re: Mastermind Montessori

Our son has been attending Mastermind Montessori since August 2010. Being first time parents we were quite hesitant. The thought of leaving our precious 18 month old baby all day with persons we did not know scared us. However, Mrs. Connie with her pleasant and understanding demeanor quickly put our fears to rest. We quickly realized that if our child was not able to be with us then there is no place we would rather him be than Mastermind Montessori with Mrs. Connie and her well able assistant, Ms. Vanessa.

Matthew started Summer Camp in august 2012. There we met Ms. Vanessa. We were only too pleased to hear that Ms. Vanessa would be with him in the Toddler class. In our journey to build trust, we made a special request that a Daily Diary of our son’s activities be provided so that we could monitor his activities. Mrs. Connie was only too happy to assist; from there the trust began to grow.

Our son is currently in the Pre Casa Program with Mrs. Ivy, Ms. Sharon and Mrs. Margarida. He has learned so much this year – independence, responsibility, courtesy, letters and their sounds, tracing, and number recognition just to name a few of his achievements. In September , Matthew will be moving to the Casa Program where we anticipate that he will remain for the next three years. Our hope is that he continues to thrive and achieve his full potential.

Choosing a school for our precious children is never easy. We want to know that we have made the best decision, the right decision. In making this decision, we thought about what was most important to us; we both decided that the most important factor in making this decision was trust. Can we trust the staff at Mastermind Montessori with our preious bundle of joy? Our answer then and now is yes we can. We look forward to continue a great partnership with the teachers, parents and student at Mastermind Montessori in the upcoming year.

Dianna & Andrew Senior (Matthew’s Parents)

May 2012

Our son Sebastiano has been attending Mastermind Montessori since September 2011 — he was 18-months-old when he started. I can’t even begin to measure all that I think he has gained from attending this school. His speech, his understanding, the precision and care he takes to do everyday activities — I know these qualities have been instilled in him by the fantastic teachers at the school. They are not only competent, but caring — which for me is equally important. Vanessa is honestly the most caring teacher you can find. She doesn’t just teach the kids, she interacts with them in a loving manner the way a parent or relative would; she remembers little details about them that tells you she cares; and most of all she embraces them with open arms whether it be at the beginning of an extra-early day or the end of a particularly exhausting one. Although Sebastiano is only beginning to string together words into sentences, I can be sure to hear his teachers’ names at least 10 times a day. He’s excited to see them everyday and gives them a hug when it’s time to go home. This shows me the relationship that he has developed with them. It reassures me. I feel comfortable and confident leaving my son for 7 hours a day because I know, and I trust that he is well taken care of and that he is enjoying this amazing educational experience — taking with him life-long lessons that will affect him for years to come.

Lisa Boyce

June 7, 2012

My son has attended Mastermind Montessori since Sept. 2010 when the new owners took over and I’m really happy with all aspects of the school. All the teachers that stayed on and new teachers they’ve hired since the changeover are outstanding and have the children’s best interest at heart. I am also glad they started the Pre-Casa program which allows more focus on that specific age group which fully prepares them for the Casa program. I really appreciate the great communication with the teachers, principal and owner, they always listen and ask for input from parents on anything that could be beneficial to the students and the school. Another great aspect I like is that they have held and invited parents to talks/sessions on parenting and the Montessori programs, topics that are of interest to parents. I am really happy with the school, the teachers, the principal and owner and am really glad I chose this school for my children.

Karen Chu

“We had our reservations when we first enrolled our daughter into Mastermind Montessori. As we came to know the teachers, our concerns were slowly put to rest. We were pleased to see that the staff team has a genuine interest in the children’s growth and development.

I still remember my daughter’s first day at Mastermind Montessori. I was a nervous wreck because I didn’t know how she would react to the school, the teachers and the new environment. Then, as a wonderful surprise, Ms. Connie called. Ms. Connie walked me through my daughter’s day and reassured me that she was adjusting well with her teachers and classmates. To some, Ms. Connie’s phone call may seem trivial but to me, it left an impression. The extra effort and care each Mastermind Montessori teacher had put into caring for my daughter is much appreciated.”


My children have excelled in the warm and compassionate environment at Mastermind Montessori School. The teachers are wonderful and truly care about the children and their development. I am so happy that I chose this school for my children!


“We would like to thank the school and its teachers for the amazing work they have done. We are pleased to see the wonderful results in our daughter Saleesha. Special thanks to Ms. Connie, Ms. Vanessa and Ms. Chantel for their support and care of Saleesha from the beginning at 15 months.”

Thank you,