Testimonials – 2012-2013 School Year

Letters from our parents of 2012-2013 school year

Our son Aidan has attended Mastermind since January 2013 in the Toddler Program. He has enjoyed it very much thus far and there are days when he doesn’t want to leave. He has learned a number of things already including colours, counting, letters, and shapes. Jane and Mable are excellent teachers and demonstrate both enthusiasm and care. They provide a warm and inviting environment for the children to interact and learn. We have very good communications with the teachers and the principal Miss Connie as well. It is a very welcoming environment and the facilities are very good. The location is also very convenient as it is very close to Hwy 404.

Ken and Michelle

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank each of the staffs at Mastermind Montessori for making a difference in the life of our daughter. Our daughter Giselle has been in the toddler program since she was 18 months old. Giselle felt comfortable and at home at Mastermind. We’ve seen her confidence and independence grow in leaps and bounds. It seems every day she learns a new skill, or a new word. The skills and the concentration that she is learning are providing her with an incredible foundation to build upon as she grows up. Extraordinary things happen when teachers are committed and involved. Miss Vanessa, Miss Veronica, and Miss Kimberly have created a warm, peaceful classroom where the children feel safe and loved, the impact of your guidance and support is beyond significant. Thank you!

Brilli & Nixon

Jan 2013

What I love about Mastermind Montessori….

The owner, Kevin, is a very generous and sweet, evident not only in the plush toys he gives the children welcoming them to the school and wishing them happy birthday, but also in the family events the school holds with lots of activities and goodies for the children. He’s so friendly and genuine, that my little girl always has to stick her head into his office (or yell into it) to say good bye to him at the end of the day.

The Staff. A classy, intelligent, and enthusiastic group of people who makes the environment comfortable, safe, and very pleasant for both the children and the parents. They take interest in each child under their care, and provide ongoing feedback on anything that has to do with them (ie. eating habits, social behaviours, academic progress). They have all the qualities to make the whole experience for the children fun while academically enriching, and make each child and parent feel special and very important.

My husband and I had our reservations about the school being fairly new, and it’s location being in a plaza right next to a parking lot was a little concerning. But after a week of our daughter being under their care, we were able to put all our fears and uneasiness to rest. Our toddler didn’t even want to leave at the end of her first day, or second, or third. Actions speak louder than words.

We are blessed and very thankful for having Miss Connie, Miss Chantel, Miss Veronica, Miss Vanessa, and Miss Catherine in our lives. Our little girl is a very happy little person who is learning so much because of them.

Thank you, Mastermind Montessori – we love you.
Jocelyn and Daniel Kim

June 25, 2012

To whom it may concern,

Our son, who is almost three years old, has been a student at the Mastermind Montessori School since January, 2012 and we are very pleased with his academic and social progress here.

Before doing some research around our neighborhood at the different options available to us for child care we zeroed in on Montessori School (as opposed to a daycare centre) as we wanted our son to have an introduction to academics along with socializing. The environment at the school is just right and every child gets utmost attention.

Our son started off with a great introduction to learning some basics in a fun way in the Toddler room and graduated into the Pre Casa room, which focuses more on building academic and social skills, for this school year. His teachers Mrs. Ivy, Ms. Vivviene and Ms. Echo have made us feel so safe and re-assured that our son is in great hands; they are always updating us on his progress and letting us know what we need to work on. We feel extremely happy and proud when our son comes home and surprises us with new things that he learnt which are sometimes artwork, the alphabet, a new song, numbers, clean up routines, etc (he’s actually excited to do homework). Another important aspect has been his social and language development as his first language is Greek and we were very worried about him being able to follow and understand the teachers. Our son enjoys the school and considers everyone in his classroom his friends so much that he gets upset if he has to miss a day (because his friends won’t know where he is and they will be worried).

I would highly recommend Mastermind Montessori School to anyone who is looking for a loving and safe environment that offers child-centered, hands-on learning.

Panagiotis and Mary Kolovos