Ken and Vicky Chan

Logan being our first born, we had a lot of hesitations about putting him into an environment where he wouldn’t know anyone and wouldn’t be pampered by mommy and daddy. Also being so young at 19 months, we weren’t sure if this should be the next milestone for him. But now looking back at the year he has been at Mastermind, our hesitations and doubts turned into amazement and disbelief.

We remember Logan’s first day of school was surprisingly smooth, he didn’t cry much and didn’t seem scared or anxious to enter an unknown room, with unfamiliar faces. But as the weeks went by, we noticed how happy and excited he was to go to school. But what made the transition for Logan to adapt to his new environment definitely came down to how amazing the Mastermind teachers are; Ms. Veronica, Ms. Kathy and Ms. Thevitha always welcomed both Logan and us every morning with a big smile. I can tell in Logan’s eyes that he was always excited to see them and ready to start an amazing day with his teachers. The teachers also always put the child first and made sure their needs and wants were met to ensure that they feel happy and are in a safe environment. I am truly happy and thankful that the teachers have not only made us feel confident in Mastermind, but also made Logan’s first experience in a school an amazing and unforgettable experience. I can’t thank them enough.

Thank you Mastermind Montessori for giving Logan such a warm and inviting environment for our son to grow in. He has learned so much, and has achieved so many great things that we are so proud of.