School Introduction

Since 2010, Mastermind Montessori Schools (MMS) has been consistently providing a safe and clean school environment for young children. MMS was founded on warm, loving relationships between our students, our parents, our teachers and our staff members.

MMS strives to create an environment where your child has the freedom to develop as a well-rounded individual, with every opportunity to fulfill their utmost potential. Supported by one-on-one guidance from our highly-qualified teachers, students work both independently and in small groups with other children.

Choosing a school for our precious children is never easy. We want to know that we have made the best decision, the right decision. In making this decision, we thought about what was most important to us; we both decided that the most important factor in making this decision was trust. Can we trust the staff at Mastermind Montessori with our precious bundle of joy? Our answer then and now is yes we can. We look forward to continue a great partnership with the teachers, parents and student at Mastermind Montessori in the upcoming year. – Dianna & Andrew Senior

Our Mission

To prepare young minds for tomorrow’s challenges.

Our Philosophy

Mastermind Montessori School (MMS)

Our students enjoy an educational experience that fosters the values of honesty, cooperation, empathy, compassion, self-respect and mutual respect, and encourages a child to develop a life-long love of learning.