After School Programs

Music and Keyboarding

Student Ages: Casa, 4-6 years

Teacher: Ms. Heida

Teacher and Program Introduction

Hello, my name is Ms. Heida, I am the head-teacher of Casa 1 and a trained Montessori teacher.  I am excited to celebrate my tenth year as a Montessorian.  I worked as a full-time piano teacher for 10 years before becoming a Montessori teacher.  I have worked with students ages from 4 years old to adults, and from beginners to intermediate levels.  I have had up to 56 students in one year.

This year, I am excited to take part in the Music & Keyboarding Class for children ages 4-6 years old, in a small group of 8 children.  The program will offer students an understanding of simple music notations and rhythm.  We will work partly on the keyboard learning to read and play short songs.  We will also learn about rhythm through various games, singing and using percussion instruments like bells and tambourines.

Robotics and Science

Student Ages: Casa, 4-6 years

Teacher: Guest teacher from STEM Minds

Assistant Teacher: TBA from Mastermind Montessori

Program Introduction

Our school will be having Robotics and Science program with STEM Minds and have a guest teacher from STEM Minds instruct this program.

STEM learning is about more than just technology.  It is about building critical skills, confidence, and adaptability in our youth so they can build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.  We believe that the best approach to STEM education is through hands-on learning that is student-driven.  Combining the power of a great teacher and industry knowledge, we engage youth in the fun and creativity of learning so they are able to discover their unique place in the world of STEM.

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Student Ages: Casa, 3-6 years

Teacher: Ms. Caro

Teacher and Program Introduction

Hello, my name is Ms. Caro and I am excited to introduce myself as the Mandarin teacher. I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator, a trained Montessori teacher, and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. I had experience teaching Mandarin to International students aged 7 to 13 during Summer Camp in China. Currently, I am teaching Mandarin classes online for children ages 3-5 years.

In this class, I will provide an immersive language environment. Students will be encouraged to communicate with the teacher and their peers in Chinese. Students will also learn Chinese with cultural stories, poems, and songs in all different activities. I look forward to seeing you all in Mandarin class!


你们好! 我是Ms. Caro,Mastermind Montessori 的课后中文班老师,大家可以叫我王老师 ^_^。非常开心以一名中文老师的身份介绍我自己:我是一名安大略省注册幼儿教师, 持证蒙特梭利教师;此外我拥有对外汉语专业学士学位,并持有中国国家语言文字工作委员会普通话一级乙等证书。过去我曾担任过华裔私校的中文教师,教授7-13岁的国际学生的中文口语、阅读和写作。我也是一名北美的线上幼儿中文老师,通过自主设计的课堂活动,教导3-6岁学生学习中文和普通话。


Groovy Gym Bus

Student Ages: Toddler and Casa, 18 months – 6 years

Program Instructors: Certified Gymnastic Coaches

Program Introduction

Our classes are conducted in a fully converted, sanitized, equipped, and safe gymnastics bus that parks outside the center.  Certified gymnastics coaches (CPR/first aid) conduct a fun-filled gymnastics class and work with your child to provide an engaging and familiar environment, to ensure confidence, comfortability, and care.  The inside of the bus has clean air circulation and is climate controlled.  All activities are age-appropriate – Each week kids learn new skills improving both gross and fine motor skills (jumping, climbing, swinging, gripping, problem-solving, equipment manipulation, teamwork, and leadership).

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