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Mastermind Montessori School, Aurora (MMSA) recognizes that family education and school education are complementary to one another. This is why from the very beginning, we have been committed to establishing a channel to facilitate bonding and communication amongst students, parents and the School. Our emphasis is on creating mutual co-operation and building harmonious relationships with the students and their family members. MMSA has been and will continue to take the initiative of keeping the parents informed on the progress of their children.

We also sincerely and humbly accept any compliments and suggestions parents may have on the School and our various programs. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
In closing, we would like to share a few letters from the parents of our beloved students. We are deeply grateful for those who have offered their encouragement and love as we journey together in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Letters from our parents of 2017-2018 school year

We have been so lucky to have had the opportunity to have Riley at Mastermind.  We have been so happy with the school and staff since the first day he started at March break camp.  That was when we knew Riley had to be there full time!

As a parent you are always worried about where you place your children for daycare, all of that went out the window at Mastermind.  We knew that when we dropped him off he was in great hands, there was never any doubt in our minds that he wasn’t being well taken care of.

You have all been super accommodating and attentive to his allergies and asthma.

It breaks my heart that he has to leave.  He has made friends with a bunch of the other little kids and I know he loves all of the teachers,  Ms Nicole and Ms Dayna in particular.

No center we ever put Riley in will compare to Mastermind, you guys are a top notch facility. Dan, myself and Riley will miss each and every one of you.

Thank you again for taking such good care of Riley!!!

– Valeri A

We have been warned by many others that the transition from home to daycare is a difficult one.  But after only a few days of transition, thanks to the amazing staff at MMSA, our daughter is excited about going to school every morning.  The growth we see in our daughter and her eagerness to share with us the activities she did at school is a testament to the quality program that MMSA has to offer.

The staff are extremely attentive and genuine in their desire to provide a good educational environment. We are very pleased and thankful to have this great school close to home.

– Claire T

Letters from our parents of 2016-2017 school year

Amazing!! Love this new school, teachers and staff are friendly and welcoming. From the moment you walk in you are greeted with positivity and smiles, what a way to start the mornings! The teachers in the toddler classes are loving and caring, I am so happy with everything Mastermind Montessori Aurora has to offer.

I feel safe knowing my child is in excellent care and supervision. Thank you for taking such good care of my little man, he loves your school and his teachers!! Keep up the good work and thank you!!!

– Linsue A

My husband and I shopped around quite a bit when looking for care/schools for our son and we were thoroughly impressed by Julie, Jessica, and everyone else at Mastermind! We found ourselves comparing everyone else to the high level of professionalism found in the staff at Mastermind. This made it a clear choice and gave us confidence our child would be in good hands

– Teenna T & Jeff P

You did such an amazing job keeping everything well organized. Your patience and care makes Leah want to go to MMSA every morning and she always comes home happy. We really appreciate all your hard work. I will definitely recommend MMSA to everybody!

– Linda L

I enrolled my daughter at MMSA since the school opened and she is very happy every day and loves to go to school. The teachers and the staff are very nice and friendly.

– Lina L

We are rebranding! Effective immediately, we are changing our name to Aspen Grove Montessori School (AGMS). Aspen symbolizes purity, youth and transformation which aligns perfectly with our mission to empower our students to develop strength from within and become responsible leaders of tomorrow!

Same Team, Same Goal.

Rest assured, our teaching staff, management and administrative team will all remain the same, thus this change will have minimal impact on the school’s operations.

Details of the change of name can be found on our website