Fitness Programs

During the winter season, it may sometimes not be advisable for children to play outside due to extreme cold, heavy snow, slippery ice or other harsh weather conditions. Ensuring the safety and healthiness of our students has always been our highest priority, this has driven Mastermind Montessori to team up with ” Stretch-n-Grow” and “Gymalaya” and include them as part of our regular curriculum. Our students are guaranteed to enjoy a fun-filled day loaded with learning and activities even in the coldest of winters!


Stretch-n-Grow is a comprehensive fitness program for kids and helps establish a foundation of exercise beginning at an early age. The program teaches children the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle with weekly emphasis on exercise.

The children will enjoy the Stretch-N-Grow program once a week. Every Friday Stretch-n-Grow comes into Mastermind Montessori School with a customized plan for each age group, beginning at 18 months and going up to 6 years old. When the winter season arrives the stretch-n-grow program is especially important as the students are not always able to go outside, due to the cold weather. Every Stretch-n-Grow experience is an adventure in fitness, motor-skill development, brain training and “EXERcitement”! Classes concentrate on large-muscle groups, motor skills, coordination, balance, resistance, flexibility and aerobic activity.


Gym-O-Gym’s is a diverse fitness program for children with tons of music, movement, activities, games, fun and laughter. From week to week, the age-appropriate curriculum will provide ongoing development and a variety of physical activities to help your child develop and grow.  This program focuses on building the child’s creativity, problem solving skills and confidence.  Your child will be encouraged to process at his/her pace at their fun facility and develop their self-confidence as they master new skills.

Monkey Movers

Monkey Movers is a mobile gymnastics, dance, and fitness movement program for children. The Gym Bus classes take place on a retrofitted, climate controlled, 40ft school bus. Each class, your child would be encouraged to participate in gymnastics, dance, and fitness in a fun, non-competitive, safe and encouraging environment where each child can reach their full potential. Monkey Movers instructors are great role models and come with completed Ontario Gymnastics Federation Certification.


Gymalaya is a recreational gymnastics class, which introduces to the children the joy of real gymnastics through innovative games, activities and circuits. This structured program concentrates on teaching gymnastics skills in a fun and encouraging setting. The kid size proportions of the equipment help motivate the children, enhance their performance and increase safety.

The Children in the Pre-Casa and Casa class will go to Gymalaya alternating Wednesdays from January to March.