Mastermind Montessori recognizes that family education and school education are complementary to one another. This is why from the very beginning, we have been committed to establishing a channel to facilitate bonding and communication amongst students, parents and the School.Our emphasis is on creating mutual co-operation and building harmonious relationships with the students and their family members. Mastermind Montessori has been and will continue to take the initiative of keeping the parents informed on the progress of their children.

Throughout the school year, Mastermind Montessori will be holding one Parents Information Night per month, free of any charge. The objective of these events is to provide wonderful opportunities for you as parents to gain valuable insights on building relationships with your children and the rest of your family. Our guest speakers will include, but not limited to, senior educators, ministry officers, health doctors, social workers, as well child-care specialists. Each event will feature a unique topic that facilitates learning and encourages open communication. We cordially invite our parents to attend these Parent Information Nights and participate in the discussions. Please follow Parent Information Nights updates on our website’s front page for topics and dates!

We also sincerely and humbly accept any compliments and suggestions parents may have on the School and our various programs. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 905-888-8488, or reach us via email at info@mastermindmontessori.com.
In closing, we would like to share a few letters from the parents of our beloved students. We are deeply grateful for those who have offered their encouragement and love as we journey together in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Letters from our parents of 2016-2017 school year

Logan being our first born, we had a lot of hesitations about putting him into an environment where he wouldn’t know anyone and wouldn’t be pampered by mommy and daddy. Also being so young at 19 months, we weren’t sure if this should be the next milestone for him. But now looking back at the year he has been at Mastermind, our hesitations and doubts turned into amazement and disbelief.

We remember Logan’s first day of school was surprisingly smooth, he didn’t cry much and didn’t seem scared or anxious to enter an unknown room, with unfamiliar faces. But as the weeks went by, we noticed how happy and excited he was to go to school. But what made the transition for Logan to adapt to his new environment definitely came down to how amazing the Mastermind teachers are; Ms. Veronica, Ms. Kathy and Ms. Thevitha always welcomed both Logan and us every morning with a big smile. I can tell in Logan’s eyes that he was always excited to see them and ready to start an amazing day with his teachers. The teachers also always put the child first and made sure their needs and wants were met to ensure that they feel happy and are in a safe environment. I am truly happy and thankful that the teachers have not only made us feel confident in Mastermind, but also made Logan’s first experience in a school an amazing and unforgettable experience. I can’t thank them enough.

Thank you Mastermind Montessori for giving Logan such a warm and inviting environment for our son to grow in. He has learned so much, and has achieved so many great things that we are so proud of.

Warm Regards,

Ken and Vicky Chan

My daughter has literally grown up in the toddler room with Ms. Veronica and Ms. Kathy. We started her in this class at 18 months old in January 2016 and decided to keep her in the toddler room for another full year. The primary reason for keeping her in this class was because she loved the teachers. My child loves routine and because she was comfortable in the environment, I found that she was learning more. The teachers not only helped her but also myself when it came to potty training. I am lucky to say that my daughter was fully potty trained by 2.5 because the teachers gave me the confidence that we could do it.

I was worried that her personality would change because of school but I realize now there was nothing to worry about. She has continued to be the happy child that I love so dearly, the school has only allowed her to be that person both at home and in the outside world. I must add that I think it has even made her a better big sister as she now takes care of her little brother in the way she does for her younger classmates. We are excited for our little boy to join the toddler room in January 2018 where he is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from her in the Casa class.

Warm Regards,

Leon and Gigi Chai

We had sent our daughter to the Pre-Casa program at Mastermind Montessori and had a wonderful experience. When it was time to send our son, we decided to enroll him as well since we were so pleased with their program. The small class sizes and amazing teachers gives a sense of family at the school.  Both our children had and continue to have a wonderful experience at Mastermind, including enjoying their summer camp programs.  The teachers are very caring and patient and there is great communication between the staff and parents. Mastermind puts a lot of effort in making the families feel welcome.  Small gestures such as birthday celebrations and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts really go a long way.  We are extremely happy that we have chosen Mastermind Montessori to educate and care for our children.



My son has been enrolled at Mastermind Montessori for the past three years. As he has progressed through the Toddler and Pre-Casa classes, I’ve seen his confidence grow; this is mostly because of the teachers. While they have provided him with the fundamental educational foundation, their ongoing encouragement has really helped to bring out his personality and shape him into a confident and well-spoken individual. Thank you to all the Mastermind Montessori teachers and staff!

Crystal Lam

Sending our son to preschool was a huge step for my husband and I. Prior to enrolling our son at Mastermind Montessori, we visited many preschools/childcare facilities and inquired about their programs. Mastermind Montessori School definitely matched our expectations. It had a clean atmosphere and the staffs’ focus was the children. The school had a special touch and we knew our son will fit in with ease. The teachers were wonderful, which made the transition easy for our whole family. It’s priceless to see what Mastermind Montessori has taught our son (how to interact with the world around him and discover the potential of his abilities). It’s amazing to see our son’s developing skills and talents and know that Mastermind Montessori has played such a pivotal role.

A quote that best describes Mastermind Montessori is by Aristotle ” Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”.



As with most parents, finding a school that will stimulate your children’s emotional and intellectual well-being can be a challenging task. At the very beginning, Mastermind Montessori put my mind at ease by creating a nurturing yet challenging learning environment with a team of dedicated teaching staff.

Ms. Connie and most teachers have been with Mastermind Montessori since my son attended this school five years ago.This speaks volumes because there’s very little turnover and the commitment from teachers is also fantastic.

The quality of care, passion, and commitment to continuously improving the school ‘s programs and a curriculum is also evident with various school trips, extracurricular activities, and events planned throughout the year to stimulate young minds both inside and outside the classroom settings.

Although many schools promote Montessori teachings, not all schools provide the high level and variety of Montessori equipment material. During parent observation nights noticed that there are always ample, current and well-versed material for my two boys. The facilities are always well maintained and cleaned on a daily basis.

Although Mastermind is not a huge school, it is a great school. A school that is committed to learning and developing young minds and most importantly a team of teachers and a principal that genuinely cares about the well-being and development of my children.

I would highly recommend this school to parents.

Jason and Debbie Lu

Our family has been a part of Mastermind Montessori since September 2010, my children have all started in the toddler program which has proven to be one of our best decisions. Each has had wonderful and caring teachers in each class, from Toddler, to Pre-Casa and the Casa classes. The teachers and staff have helped them grow and develop socially and academically to well prepare them for elementary school. All the staff are friendly, caring, nurturing and supportive and have the children’s best interest at heart. We are extremely happy with the school and staff and continue to be a part of Mastermind Montessori family.